How to submit a quote or order?

  • Your details
  • Desirable deadline
  • billing details
  • Do you need a courier service, if yes, please indicate the location.

Other information according to the content of the order:

  • Print format
  • colouring, whether you want black and white or colour printing.
  • whether you want single or double-sided printing
  • the paper or other material you want to print on
  • binding method
  • when ordering brochures, whether folding is required and how
  • whether you need design help

Sending files

  • Smaller print files (max size 20Mb) can be sent by email to printstart@printstart.ee Files can also be sent using various file sharing environments (Onedrive, Google drive, DropBox, www.wetransfer.com, etc). Please send us the download link without logging in.

Delivery time

  • The delivery time depends on the complexity of the work, the amount of post-processing and the quality of the materials provided by the customer. Simpler jobs and small quantities can be delivered the same day.
  • Please consult us at printstart@printstart.ee

What is the minimum quantity to order?

There are no minimum quantities.

What are the standard formats?

A1 – 594×840 mm; B1 – 690x1000mm; C1 – 648×917 mm;

A2 – 420×594 mm; B2 – 490×700 mm; C2 – 458 x 648 mm;

A3 – 297×420 mm; B3 – 340×490 mm; C3 – 324 x 458 mm;

A4 – 210×297 mm; B4 – 240 x 340 mm; C4 – 229×324 mm;

A5 – 148×210 mm; B5 – 165×240 mm; C5 – 162×229 mm;

A6 – 105×148 mm; B6 – 117×165 mm; C6 – 114×162 mm;

A65 – 99×210 mm; business card – 90×50 mm/50×90 mm 90x55mm, 85x54mm

How is the number of pages counted?

A 4-page cover is a 4-page publication, and the inside pages must be multiplied by two, i.e. each page has two sides. 1 sheet = 2 pages

Example: book 40pp + 4pp covers (book has 20 pages + front and back cover)

The number of pages in a pamphlet should be divided by 4.

Example: ( Brochure 20lk + 4lk lids )

The format for cut publications that are not folded/creased in multiple folds is 2 pages.

Booklets folded once are 4 pages, booklets with two parallel folds are 6 pages , etc.

If I dont have any printable files?

If you don’t have the skills to make your own printable files, or if you just have a vision for your own publication, we can also offer design assistance.