ICC profiles and colour management

Select the ICC profile to convert colours to CMYK according to the printing paper used for the order.
We recommend using the latest colour profiles created by eci.org.

ISOcoated V2 Eci.icc
The profile is suitable for high coated Gloss printing paper from 115g/m2 upwards.
FOGRA39L, Total Ink Limit 330%, Gray 95%

ISOcoated V2 300 Eci.icc
Suitable profile for Silk or Matt coated papers, also suitable for most cardboards.
The best universal profile, we recommend using this profile if you don’t know exactly what paper the product will be printed on. Also suitable for thinner lightly coated papers.
FOGRA39L, Total Ink Limit 300%, Gray 95%

PSO Uncoated ISO12647 Eci.icc
Suitable profile for uncoated white printing paper
FOGRA47L Total Ink Limit 300%, Grey 98%

The “Euroscale Coated v2″ profiles for coated papers and the “Euroscale Uncovered v2″ profiles for uncoated papers are also suitable for use with Adobe programs.

Specific case colour profiles (Gray)

Black and white (Grey/Grayscale) images printed in CMYK colours.

Coated papers: Coated FOGRA39 GCR Bas.icc
Suitable profile for black and white images on Gloss, Silk or Matt coated papers.
FOGRA39L, Total Ink Limit 300%, Gray 98%, Strong GCR

Uncoated papers: Uncoated FOGRA29 GCR Bas.icc
Suitable profile For black and white images on uncoated white printing paper.
FOGRA29L Total Ink Limit 280%, Gray 98%, Strong GCR

Save ICC files to folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color
or Macintosh HD / Library / Colorsync / Profiles