Technical conditions

We request composite PDF print files created in accordance with the PDF/X (PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4) standard.

The colour of the print file must be either:

    • In CMYK
    • Spotis(Pantone)
    • In CMYK with Spot (Pantone) inks used for printing.
      A print file printed in CMYK only must not contain unnecessary Spot, RGB colours. Files containing such colours will, with your permission, be automatically converted to CMYK in the prepress process, which may give a slightly different result in print compared to the colour on the customer’s screen.
    • The density (resolution) of images must be 300 dpi, backgrounds and other minor objects in raster graphics 200 dpi, but not less than 150 dpi (posters, banners).
    • All font types must be embedded in the PDF file or converted to objects (curved/outlines).
    • The page size of the document must correspond to the size of the print and the page orientation must correspond to the final print (Landscape / Portrait).
    • The size of the print must be accompanied by a bleed margin (i.e. that the design continues in the bleed area) of 3 mm on the outer edges of the page for advertisements and 5 mm on bindings.
    • All the pages of the bound products must be consecutive in one file, and the adjacent pages must not be joined.
    • The file to be sent to the printer must have been visually checked, preferably with Acrobat Proffesional, and also passed the PreFlight check.